Embroideries that Bring Hope

Sana's women refugee workshop

Sana Kikhia – originally from Syria and a former Master’s student from the Essex Business School  has always been interested in volunteering and social justice. As a member of the Entrepreneurship Society she saw a potential of starting a small project that could have a great impact.

Sana Kikhia

We all know that 2015/2016 was a time of an economic and political discourse in Europe  mainly due to the record number of refugees seeking shelter. Sana is the girl who decided to take some action against this tremendous suffering and do something that would have an impact. Her project was aimed at helping Syrian refugee women living in one of the camps in Northern Greece. The idea behind was to provide those women with an opportunity to use their skills and time in a useful and productive way. All money raised were aimed at creating a beautiful workshop space where they can learn crafts such as knitting, sewing and embroidery.

And so… in September, 2016 this brave young lady launched a crowdfunding campaign on Click with a very ambitious target of £2,000.

Sana had a very well planned strategy for her five week campaign. She had prepared a detailed promotion plan which she put in place every day of her campaign. As a result, Sana managed to raise £2,363 overall. She received a great support from her fellow students, teachers, colleagues, friends and families and had a record number of people signed to support her project.


One thing that Sana was very clever about and which helped her make a real boost of her campaign was updating her donors about the progress of the campaign.

Here is when materials got send to the Greek Refugee Camp.


Some of the volunteers who helped decorating and refurbishing the new workshop space.


This is what the new space looks like – all painted and shiny and ready to be utilised by hundreds of refugee women.


Sana Kikhia:

“Thanks to all people who supported my project the necessary materials for the design and making of the crafts were send to Greece. This will improve dramatically the quality of refugees living and inspire others to make use of their skills, and break the social isolation they live in. Thank you all- you are all amazing human beings!”




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