Click Helping Essex Alumni

Graduation Day 2 (74)

Click became a recognisable name around the three Essex campuses very quickly and hence more and more people know about this amazing opportunity. The platform is open to all current students and staff members who are also eligible to matchfunding. But did you know alumni can also benefit from Click?

It is not a very well- known fact that the platform is also available free of charge for Essex Alumni who graduated up to 3 years ago. Below is the full package that all our alumni around the world can receive from us:

  1. We cover all transaction costs and fees for you so that you can get 100% of your pledges – Kickstarter , for example, would charge you 5% of each donation + PayPal fees on all credit/debit cards.
  2. You receive all the support you need from the Advancement Team – from the very first stage of designing an appealing crowdfunding page to providing the right stewardship to donors.
  3. You can learn from our successful projects that are all listed on the website. With a 97% success rate your project has every chance to get completely funded.
  4. Click can help you add employability skills to your CV. Crowdfunding is a very useful tool that Essex Alumni can utilise to learn how to provide a full cost breakdown and budgeting analysis of a project; pitch an idea and present it in an appealing way to stakeholders; use various social media platforms; design a 5 week promotion plan and improve time management skills.



We’ve had 5 Essex Alumni who have used the platform so far. Below is the story of one of our most recent projects that turned out to be a great success!

Nieves Zuniga graduated with a PhD degree in July 2015 and was a staff member at the University for a couple of months afterwards. She contacted us in June 2017 with her project proposal that includes opening a library in a Congolese Refugee Camp in Rwanda.

Nieves Zuniga

Nieves had  another crowdfunding page running for 2 months but it didn’t get as much support as she had expected. The Essex alumna heard about Click from a former colleague at the University who suggested she turn to us for help. The first step was to teach Nieves the “secrets” of crowdfunding and help her design a promotion plan for  her 5 week campaign. Her crowdfunding page was launched in July and received a great support both internally and externally. The final result was a total of £370 raised towards buying books for the Rwanda Library for congolese refugees. The books were posted a few days after the completion of the project and have arrived safely in Rwanda now.

‘Thanks to Click more than 14,000 Congolese refugees in Rwanda will benefit from having a library in their camp. The campaign in Click has made possible to send hundreds of books to the camp. This library will give refugees the opportunity to learn new things and skills, imagine new realities and connect to worlds restricted to them. This kind of projects, small but with tremendous life changing power, wouldn’t be possible without the magic Click of the platform. Thank you all for your help, and thank you Click for allowing us to do collectively something good for someone else.’

Nieves Zúñiga

If you wish to be the next alumni to do a project on Click, email and get started!


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