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You may assume a student’s biggest term time expense (aside from rent) consists of late night Domino’s and a Friday night at the SU Bar. You’re not entirely wrong, however as the 3rd year BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre students from East 15 Acting School began laying the foundations for their future career’s as theatre makers, investments which don’t coincide with student budget urged  them to pull together as a class and approach CLICK for help with fundraising.

We were both surprised and excited to hear we were the first class that had used CLICK in a collective effort to fundraise, set with the ambition to raise enough money to pay for a top production photographer to photograph our shows at Debut Festival. Debut Festival is a theatre festival of new work, consisting of a programme of 7 new play’s that we hoped to take forward into the industry under new companies formed on the course.


Thanks to CLICK, we succeeded in our fundraising venture and raised £551 to cover the cost of photographer Michael Carlo. Having a professional photography photograph our work was a vital aid in the success of the shows future journeys. The photos have since been distributed to venues at the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as London theatre’s, with performances at ZOO Venues (Edinburgh), C-Venues (Edinburgh), The Bernie Grant Arts Centre (London), The Drayton Arms Theatre (London), The Bunker (London), The Kings Head (London) and The Hope Theatre (London) already confirmed for various productions.

The photos will now play an important role in our marketing to ensure our theatre reaches a wider audience, so hopefully you will be seeing our faces in the reviews section of national newspapers very soon!

To find out more about the companies that have formed from Debut Festival and follow the lives of the shows,  click these links:

Burnt Lemon Theatre – www.burntlemontheatre.com

Hyperdrive Theatre- www.hyperdrivetheatre.com

Chalk Line Theatre- www.chalklinetheatre.com

Milk and Blood – www.milkandblood.co.uk

Matka Theatre – www.facebook.com/matkatheatrecompany/

Thank you Click and everyone who supported us!


Author: Hannah Benson – East 15 Acting School Campaign Coordinator

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