5 Easy Steps to Create Effective Pitch Video on Click


Right, so you are all ready with the description for your project, have listed your rewards, and added your cost breakdown. But there is one thing missing – your pitch video? We know that this might be the hardest part of your crowdfunding campaign and this is why we want to give you some very easy tips that anyone can do to showcase their project and be successful on Click.

Why do you need to create a video?

We all love watching videos! This is the easiest and most effective way to communicate in the digital world. Several experts in the crowdfunding field have said that the future of crowdfunding is going to look like a full-on video revolution. If done well, not only are videos engaging, but also extremely powerful. What is more, from our experience with more than 300 successful projects on Click, we now know that campaigns with good pitch videos have a 100% greater chance for success. So why not use this opportunity and make the most of your campaign? Here is how you can achieve this in 5 easy steps.


Use your phone!

Believe it or not videos don’t have to be professional to make an impact. In fact, the more personalised they are, the more effective they tend to be. Donors have seen so many polished and perfect looking videos on the internet. They really want to see the person behind the campaign, to hear from you, to get to know why you are so passionate about the project. Donors want to see YOU – not graphics and 3D effects!


Keep it short!

It might sound very obvious- but it’s not! We have had some great 5-10 mins long videos on Click but noone wants to watch them. Your videos should be no longer than 2-3 minutes. Write a script and stick to it, this will stop you from waffling on and keep your pitch concise and to the point.


Don’t copy!

Remember what works for someone else might not work for you and your video should relate to your individual project and the outcome that you want to achieve. We have had more than 300 different projects on Click and about 90% of them had pitch videos. Imagine if a donor wants to support two or more campaigns and realises that their videos are pretty much the same – this won’t be a good start will it?


Show your passion!

Your video will often take a similar structure to your campaign page, however, it is important to remember that your video is a storytelling asset. You need to emotionally engage with your audience and bring them on a journey with you. Sing, dance, write a poem – try to think of something that will prove how passionate you are about fulfilling this project.


Call to action!

Never forget to end your your video with a clear call to action. Even if you have done a great introduction and showcased what your project is about, people need to know what to do next. Use words such as : Donate, Share, Tell your friends, Comment, Like!

P.S Also don’t forget to add the official Click credit slide at the of your video to allow us to share your video on the main University social media channels for even greater impact!

Credit Slide

Finally here are some videos we think really worked well to give you some inspiration:

Mark Wheeler – Military veterans with PTSD French fishing research – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoRMpI_EBag 

Roberta Dolinska-  Roberta´s dress label – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=dTwfhmLrO_w 

Half Moon Shania – Burnt Lemon Theatre – https://vimeo.com/273672323 

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