Join our #EssexKindness Day on 13 November



Is there anything better than a Random Act of Kindness? That time someone handed in your lost wallet? When you were short of change at the parking meter and a stranger gave you the £1 coin you were missing? Or what about when you could see someone looking lost and gave them directions?

This year November 13 is the 20th anniversary of World Kindness Day, a day for good deeds, positivity and to reflect on the common threads of kindness that bind us all.

At Essex, we are using the day as the focus of our third giving day, our annual one day event celebrating the impact that fundraising has on our campus. We are calling it #EssexKindness Day, and will involve a number of activities both on campus and online that will highlight the good of philanthropy, as well as raise money to help Essex students crowdfunding on our awardwinning crowdfunding platform, Click.

Our last Giving Day, #GiveEssex5, raised over £2,000, which matchfunded 8 student projects, all of which went on to successful campaigns. This year, we’d love to help more students, and for that we need your help


Here’s how to get involved:


Tell us your story – head to our Facebook page and post your memories of when someone made you smile with their kindness and we’ll donate £1 to a student project on our crowdfunding platform, Click.


Why not cook dinner for a friend, pay for someone’s coffee, or call your gran for a chat? Ask them to pay it forward.


Share your random act of kindness with a pic using #EssexKindness on Twitter or Instagram, we’ll donate £1 for that too!


If you can spare some change, why not show your kindness by donating £1 –

On November 13 , on #EssexKindness day, invest your time and energy into your community, commit to random acts of kindness, and join together to celebrate the collective power of good deeds in our society.



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