The Click Revolution Enters Year 3

On 10 November 2015, Click was launched with 9 projects. It was a total step into the unknown for us, Crowdfunding was still pretty new, and even newer in Universities – we had no idea if it would even work. And so we sat, staring at our computer screen, nervously waiting, hoping, for that first donation to ping in…

Making great ideas happen

Fast forward three years and we’ve come a long, long way – 246 successful projects to be exact, more than any other University, anywhere in the world. Combined, we’ve raised £309,118.86 through Click, completely revolutionising the way we support students.

As Click celebrates its third birthday, we asked people what their highlights were since we launched, and what crowdfunding at Essex has meant to them:

“Coming back from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with five-star reviews and as the recipients of Musical Theatre Review’s ‘Best Musical Award’, we are absolutely thrilled with our success. Successes which would not have been possible without the support of our Click page ”Cara Baldwin ( Burnt Lemon Theatre)

I absolutely loved the 5 weeks that I spent in Sri Lanka with SLV.Global thanks to Click. I worked in schools teaching English and provided activity support for those with special needs and those recovering from mental illnesses. It is an experience I will never forget and always be grateful for.” Hazel Jackson, Click user (Campaign: Mental Health Placement in Sri Lanka)

“We are thrilled to see the incredibly varied impact that our donation to the Click crowdfunding platform has had. We are passionate about innovation, entrepreneurialism and giving back to the communities in which we work, so supporting Click was a fitting choice.” Mathias Talpaert, Construction Director for London and the South East at Bouygues UK

‘’Click is an excellent, innovative and unique way of supporting students to help them fulfil their big ambitions and dreams! Click(ers) are required to work hard in advance of their actual project they are crowdfunding for – raising awareness, being entrepreneurial and developing crucial skills. Click goes hand in hand with the University aims as it gives power to students to help them succeed, is collaborative and fun!’Jan Spalek, International Experience Manager

“My favourite moment working on Click was when we were nominated for a Times Higher Award. We didn’t win on that occasion, but it was a great evening to be a part of, and to celebrate the platform as a team was very memorable.” James Martin, Senior Philanthropy Officer 

Click has changed the game for fundraising at Essex, and will continue to in the years to come. Thank you to everyone that has made the last three years possible, and here’s to the next 3 years #helpisjustaclickaway


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